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The Women’s House is a possibility

The Refuge 

The refuge is in the Women’s House. At the refuge women and their children can stay for a period. The women get a room of their own, and have access to shared kitchen and living room, toilet and bath. They cook, shop and wash their clothes themselves.

At the refuge the women get the opportunity to be at peace and consider their situation. They can talk to the staff at the Women’s House and get advice. The women are being encouraged to tell their story many times, so that they better can see what has been done to them. The staff at the Women’s House listens to the women without judging them: Each woman chooses for herself, what the best solution for her is.

The Children 

Kids often come along with the women that stay at the refuge. The aim is to give them positive experiences as they stay at the refuge.

If the children are being nursed either at a kindergarten or similar, this continues while they stay at the refuge. If they are school children, they continue in school. Children from the villages attend school in Tórshavn if they stay at the refuge for more than one or two weeks.

A pedagogue is part of the staff at the refuge, whose job it is to support the children in working through the experiences they have had.

Guidance and advice

All the women receive guidance and advice or someone listens to them, when they contact the Women’s House. If it is necessary, the woman will be directed to a doctor, the police, the Department of Social Services (Almannastovan), Rættarhjálp Føroya (legal help), the High Commissioners office (Ríkisumboð,) Útlendingastovan Immigration Office, Tórshavnar Kommuna (Tórshavn  Municipality) or the Child welfare authorities (barnaverndin).

The Women’s House is not a treatment centre, and can therefore not offer any treatment. If a woman is mentally ill, abuses alcohol or other drugs, the Women’s House can direct her to where she can get help. This can for example be a doctor, psychologist, treatment centres or the psychiatric ward at the Hospital (Landssjúkrahúsið).


Frequently asked questions

How long can I stay in the refuge?

Women and their children can stay up till 3 months.

Can only women with children stay in the refuge?

No, women can stay in the refuge with or without children

What do I need to bring if I wish to stay in the refuge?

Clothes, toothbrush, shampoo etc. If you have children bring some of their toys. Bed linen, towels and kitchen utensils are in the refuge.

Can I bring my dog to the refuge?

No. No pets are allowed in the refuge.

Can I go out?

Yes. You organize your day and will make your own decisions.

Do I need to have visible signs of violence, for example bruises, to be able to stay in the refuge?

No. Violence is not always visible.

When can I come to the refuge?

The refuge office is open on weekdays from 10 to 17 hrs, in these hours you can always come in. If you need to get in after hours, you need to call first. Ph. 31 72 00

Can I have visitors in the refuge?

Yes, but only women. Men are not allowed in the refuge.

Can you get me an apartment?

No. But we can assist you in your search for an apartment.

How can I get divorced?

You contact High Commissioners Office (Ríkisumboðið) and get an application to fill out.

Address: Amtmansbrekkan 6, FO-100 Tórshavn.

Do you offer couples counselling at the refuge?

No we don’t offer this service.

Can I speak to you anonymously?

Yes. You are welcome to stay anonymous.


Are you considering to leave or are you looking for a refuge, then the Women’s House might be right for you. In the Women’s House you can get advice and help to self-help. It is also possible to stay overnight at the refuge in the Women’s House. You can stay for a night, a couple of nights, or for a longer period. Children are also welcome. 

You are not alone. Every day the Women’s House receives requests from women, which have been subject to physical, mental, sexual or financial violence. 

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